Shri Ramprasad Agarwal Shri Ramprasad Agarwal – Chairman – the eldest son of Shri Baijnath Agarwal, erstwhile founder of the Group; has over 30 years experience of trading and marketing of Industrial Products like Coal, MetCoke, Soda Ash, etc. As an able Administrator, he has co ordinated and stabilized all activities through very balanced management policies and growth-oriented dynamism. Presently, his focus is on international relationships for procurement of Coking Coal, MetCoke, etc. from various countries like Australia, Egypt, China, etc.

Shri Narayanprasad Agarwal Shri Narayanprasad Agarwal – Director endowed with a keen sense of financial acumen, the 46 years Shri Narayanprasad Agarwal is the Chief Architect of co ordinating all financial planning and arrangement of various facilities through Banks/ Institutions to enable spontaneous growth. He has also seized the potential of investments in real estate sector which has given the Group a more balanced assets portfolio apart from generating regular income.

Shri Pawankumar Agarwal Shri Pawankumar Agarwal – MD - As a fresh graduate at 18 years of age, he promoted the Ahmedabad Office in 1978 to establish the Coal and MetCoke business in Western India. Within less than 10 years of the start, there was not only an exponential growth in the core business of Coal and MetCoke, but a major diversification into Bulk Transportation was efficiently promoted, expanded and stabilized. Through his personalized efforts; the company’s relationships with large Corporations like GHCL, Birla Copper, Ispat Metallics, Jindal Group, etc. grew on a strong foundation of service, efficiency and co-operation. In the 90s, a new dimension was added through imports of MetCoke/Coal from China, Australia, Indonesia, etc. and the company progressed to be a Market Leader. His natural instinct for diversification led to a substantial presence of the company in the Wind Energy Generation Sector (upwards of 12 MW) in a short span of 7 years. The next step was entering into Manufacturing Sector in the year 2000 and presently the company operates two Coke-Oven Plants located in Gujarat; with plans to stabilize and expand the capacities with improved technologies.

Shri Saurabh Jhunjhunwala Shri Saurabh Jhunjhunwala – Director – at a comparatively young age of 21 years, he was already an active member of the family Management. With his fresh and progressive ideas, he has contributed substantially to develop a wider spectrum of clients and activities; with the main focus on Transportation Division of the Group. He is also actively exploring and pursuing export potential of the Industrial Products where he already has successfully made his mark.