Essentially this is a very important industrial raw material required by

Steel Sector – both for integrated plants as well as secondary steel / Pig Iron (Mini Blast Furnaces) Manufacturers.


Soda Ash.

Zinc & Copper Smelters, etc

Because of its hardness, sizing possibilities, free carbon content, high calorific value and low ash / phosphorous / sulphur contents, it is directly beneficial to the metal and chemical industries. Coke is a solid carbonaceous material derived from destructive distillation of low-ash, low-sulfur bituminous coal. Coke from coal is gray, hard, and porous.

We manufacture Low Ash Metallurgical (LAM) coke and is today one of the leading names in the field. A modern non recovery type Met Coke manufacturing plant with a production capacity of 1,25,000 MT per annum in the State of Gujarat. The Met Coke is manufactured from premium grade coking coal imported from Australia and China. We plan to enhance the capacity to 1,70,000 MT per annum. We also import large amount of LAM coke from China, Japan, etc to cater to client’s specific requirements with the operational area of our MetCoke supplies ranging from Rajasthan / Delhi / Punjab / Maharashtra in the West to Karnataka/Tamil Nadu in the South and Orissa and West Bengal in the Eastern part of the country. To meet the short-fall in demand, we also source our MetCoke from leased Coke-Oven Plants by supplying our Coking Coal.

Met Coke The demand for LAM is increasing exponentially due to the growth in infrastructure building and industrial development. Demand for steel intern increases the demand for LAM which is the one of the key raw materials for the industry. The stamp charged recovery type coke oven plants provide superior quality of LAM Coke and enable generation of power not only for captive use but also sale to the government. We have well established marketing network across the country to cater to the needs of the customers.

Breeze Coke

Fairdeal Supplies Ltd. is specialized in the supplying of high grade Coke Breeze in the market to end users. The Metallurgical Coke Breeze that we made available in the market is widely used in various applications of metal extraction and its other processes. It contains Fixed Carbon: 70 to 85%, Volatile matter: 3 to 7%, Ash: 14% max, Moisture: 1% max, Sulphur: Below 1%. We offer superior quality Breeze Coke to the clients to cater to their various requirements in an efficient manner. Breeze Coke is widely used for various industrial purposes. Coke breeze can be used as the basis of a building material (e.g. "breeze blocks" or "cinder blocks") or used as an industrial boiler fuel.